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Climate Change

Changes to the Earth’s climate is a natural evolutionary progression, which normally is so slow that the changes are not witnessed during any one generation, and allows for both organic and plant life to adapt.

Since the Earth was created in excess of four billion years ago, many changes have evolved including the creation of continents such as the British Isles, which by the Earth’s lifeline is very young, at an estimated 500 million years old.

Saving Energy - Saving the Planet

The British isles, as with any land mass, has also seen large changes, first breaking away from the tropics as rainforest, which over time died away and fossilised, forming some of the problems fuels of today, Coal and Oil.

The problem that is now being experienced, is the speed of the climate change due to human lifestyles.

The Earth’s surface has increased in temperature by approximately 30 degrees since the last ice age, a period of approximately 10,000 years, and more significantly could possibly increase by 7 or 8 degrees over the next one hundred years if nothing is done to reduce the generation of greenhouse gasses, which include Carbon Dioxide (CO²), Methane (CH4), Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), and Water Vapours.

So what is happening?

If we were to adopt the USA stance and do nothing, the Earth would heat up by the seven or eight degrees that it is being forecasted. The polar caps would melt at an increasing speed and sea levels would rise, resulting in the disappearance of the low level land,

These changes are already being witnessed with flash flooding being experienced around the globe, as seen in 2004 when Boscastle in Cornwall was dramatically put into the limelight, and more recently when hurricane Katrina devastate New Orleans.

In contrast areas of the world are not getting their expected rainfall levels, and with the rising temperature it is triggering an increase of forest fires throughout many parts of the world. France, Australia & America are all experiencing an increase in such forest fires.

Saving Energy - Saving the Planet

Furthermore, raising the sea temperature just a few more degrees, would see the Methane stocks buried far down in the cold depths of the sea, warm enough to bring them to the surface, releasing vast amounts of Greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

This would start a chain reaction which would prove lethal and irreversible for all organic life.

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